Our team covers an array of public speaking topics; every speaker available is a Qualified Speaker (QS).  To obtain the designation of QS, one must demonstrate excellent presentation skills, and meet rigorous criteria. When a QS presents for your audience, they are well-versed in the art of Public Speaking. If you are in an organization (commercial or community: such as Rotary, Lions, Chamber of Commerce) and need a Qualified Speaker, please contact Dispatch Chair, Sandy Amelino.

If you are a Qualified Speaker and have spoken to an outside group, at a District Event or visited and presented at a club other than your own please contact the Database Chair, Dominique Fruchtman shown below.

District 12 Speakers Bureau co-chairs:

  • Tom Jameson, DTM, PDG at tajames@pacbell.net or
  • Michael Osur, DTM, PDG at mosur@aol.com

Other Committee Chairs include:

Dispatch Chair:

  • Sandy Amelino, DTM, PDG

Biography Chair:

  • Kent Peterson, DTM, PDG

Registration Chair:

  • Marilyn Nepkie, DTM

Marketing/Social Media Co-Chairs:

  • Heather Munoz, ACB, CL
  • Kathryn Robbins, DTM
  • Karen de Vries, DTM

Database Chair:

  • Dominique Fruchtman, DTM

The Inland Empire Speakers Bureau is a service of District 12 Toastmasters.